Surprised by Compassion

I was prepared for their tug of wars.

I was prepared for their attention seeking behaviors.

I was prepared for their wrestling matches.

But I was not prepared for their compassion.

As my children grow up together, they are learning how to stand by each other’s side.  To watch out for each other.  To console with hugs.  It’s absolutely amazing to watch.

Often times, TL gets frustrated and sprawls herself out on the ground, sobbing and washing the floors with tears and slobber.  Along comes MM, offering a toy and a pat on the back.  As he gives her a hug, he looks at me and makes sure to let me know that she is crying.  Because tantrums are so subtle, you know.

More recently, the tables have turned and it’s TL who is demonstrating compassion.  MM is wailing in time out.  She used to point at him, laugh, and walk away.  Now she actually walks up to him with a look of concern and wraps her arms around his head.  MM hugs her back and calms down.

Moments like these stop me in my tracks.  They humble me.  I did not teach them this.  I cannot take credit for this.  I can only thank God for the ways He is helping their little hearts learn to love one another and share in the hurts.  I can only be grateful for the ways God teaches powerfully in and through children.  And I can only hope that my heart also remains soft, tender, and teachable like that of children.


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