A while ago, I had found two caterpillars nibbling on my bell pepper plants.  They were tobacco hornworms, to be specific.  We put them in a large jar so the kids could watch them munch and grow.  Our first pets.  We named them Eenie and Meenie.

Two things I learned immediately about caterpillars:

1. They eat up a lot of leaves, and quickly.

2. They poop a lot.  In one side, out the other.

One day, I made the mistake of feeding Eenie and Meenie some lettuce leaves from my fridge.  A leaf is a leaf is a leaf, right?  Apparently not.  Eenie and Meenie suddenly weren’t looking too good after ingesting lettuce.  The following day, they stopped moving.  I thought they were just overly full.  Do caterpillars get food coma?

Well, the day after that, they started to blacken.  I then realized they had died.  Oops.

Was it the lettuce leaves?

This past week, I found a different type of caterpillar on my parsley plant.

Quite a striking little caterpillar.  I’ve learned my lesson and I feed it only what I’ve seen it usually eat… my parsley.  I’m okay with that because my parsley plant has grown much larger than expected.  Try as I might, I just don’t use that much parsley in my cooking.

I haven’t had a chance to look up what kind of caterpillar it is.   I also haven’t thought of a name for it.   Will it turn into a butterfly, or does it turn into a moth like the tobacco hornworm?

We will soon find out, because it has made itself a cocoon!

MM and TL are fascinated.  This has brought the book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to life, for both them and me.   Except I’m not sure what will emerge.  I suspect a moth.  I’ll try to be impartial and not judge its appearance though.  As a friend suggested, consider the moth as a butterfly with neutral colors and a little more fuzz.


What do you think?

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