Reach for the Sky

This is how we spent the first day of 2012.

There was only a light breeze.  Sporadic at best.  We tried over and over again to run with all our might.  To get that kite to stay up.  At times we thought we succeeded, only to see the kite drift down in exhaustion from all our tugging.

Some days that kite will make it up into the sky.  Some days not.  But when that gush of wind comes along and takes hold of the kite, carrying it to new heights, it knows.  It knows it is flying.   There is pure giddy delight as the rope stretches taut with the thrill of purpose and direction.

And so it is for yet another new year.  Good days and bad days to come.  Some days with momentum, some days with stifling stillness and no clear sense of direction.

But with each day, I am learning to wait and allow God to inspire, uplift, and renew.  In His time.  With His direction.

We are all meant to reach for the sky.  To hope.  To believe.

And then, finally… to fly.


What do you think?

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