I’m on a Lemon Kick

I’m on a big lemon kick.  We recently bought these yummy little lemon Girl Scout cookies called Savannah Smiles.  I let the kids have a few, but I’ve since hidden them away for my selfish self.

A while ago, I bought a dwarf meyer lemon tree on a whim at the local nursery.  I plopped it into a pot and crossed my fingers.  Months have passed and I was giving up hope on my little tree.  But somehow, it persevered through whatever I was doing wrong.  Now there are actually lemons!  Beautiful golden lemons bursting with sweet-tart juice!

I put those lemons to work and made my first ever lemon curd, spooned onto individual puff pastry.  Topped with blueberries and whipped cream, ofcourse.

Lemon Curd Tart

I’m ready for more.   Next up:

Meyer Lemon Chess Pie

Meyer Lemon Cake — Reportedly the best damn meyer lemon cake there is!  We’ll see about that…

However, it usually takes me a good two weeks before I build up enough motivation to bake something from scratch.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep munching on those Savannah Smiles to satiate my lemon kick.  I need to find a Girl Scout to buy some more.


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