Domestic Violence: Making a Safety Plan

Well Child Chats

Violence in the home is a reality that continues to threaten the lives of both adults and children.

There is never a justification for domestic violence and abuse.  It just shouldn’t happen.  Period.

Often times, there are multiple factors that make it difficult for the victim to leave the situation.  Sometimes there is still a denial that yes, you are in an abusive relationship.  Other common barriers I have seen include lack of money, lack of transportation, fear of repercussions, language barriers, and worst of all, no family or friend to provide shelter or support.  Nevertheless, leaving is absolutely necessary for your safety as well as the safety of your kids.  You cannot control the violence of your partner, but you can control what your next steps will be and how you plan to protect yourself.

A safety plan is essential.  By making a detailed safety plan that works for you, you can be empowered to take the steps needed…

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