World Nutella Day: Passing on my love for Nutella to my kids

My first taste of Nutella took place in Berlin while staying with a host family for a German study abroad during my second year in college.  One taste and I was hooked.

A friend later introduced me to the idea of dipping pretzel sticks into Nutella.  I have been known to finish off a bag of pretzel sticks and jar of Nutella all by myself.

Fast forward to the present and I am dutifully passing on my love for Nutella to my kids.  We buy Nutella at Costco.  Two jumbo jars at a time.  And we scrape every little bit we can out of those jars.

Momo and Tigerlily specifically voice that they want toast with Nutella.  How about jam?  No, Nutella.  How about peanut butter instead?  Umm, sure mommy, how about peanut butter and Nutella?  That would be yummy, mommy.

They may not get soda or candy.  They hardly get juice.  I don’t even really bake cookies or dessert goodies.  But Nutella?  Go for it, kids.

So, with this much household love for Nutella, I can’t believe I was unaware of a World Nutella Day – February 5.  We just missed it!

Once I found one Nutella recipe though, it quickly led to many others.  Here are a few that really caught my stomach (err… eye, I meant).

Nutella cupcakes with Nutella & cream cheese frosting via Tartelette

  Hazelnut macarons with homemade Nutella  via Dessert First

  Homemade Nutella Twix bars via Savory Sweet Life

And lastly, the one that I am jumping up and down about because it is so simple and such a no-brainer….

  Nutella hot chocolate via Shockingly Delicious

How in the world have I lived all these years with so much Nutella in my pantry and not think to make Nutella hot chocolate??

I will have to celebrate a belated World Nutella Day with the family.  Maybe we should make some homemade Nutella together.


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