Simple Joys: Playing with water beads

Today was lovely.

We are spoiled in San Diego.

The sun beckoned us outside and embraced us until we were almost giddy.  Tigerlily quickly freed herself from cumbersome things like clothes and shoes.  Momo ran for the backyard.  Sunscreen slathered on in haste.  Cool crisp slices of asian pear piled onto a plate.  We were ready to play.

Life feels complicated most days.  I always feel like I’m falling behind.  Too little time, too little patience, too little…something.

But today felt right.

I am learning to turn off my phone.  I am learning to slow down.  It doesn’t mean things don’t need to get done, but I’m learning to accept that it won’t all get done.

Most of all, I’m learning to pay a little more attention to the simple joys of each day.  They are humble things that don’t necessarily scream for attention.  I feel like I have to train myself to pause and acknowledge them.

Today’s simple joy came in the form of water beads.

Why have I not discovered these until now?  I poured a pack into a tub in the morning and they were nice and plump by lunch.   Costing a little over $2, it provided 2 hours of entertainment for my kids as they scooped, poured, stirred, and squished to their heart’s content.  Keep the beads hydrated and they are ready to be brought out again for another day, rain or shine.

I joined the kids for a moment and swished my hand through the water.  Each bead nudged and tickled as they swirled around my fingers.  In an instant, I felt a giggle rise up in my heart.  This was FUN.  I would love to jump into a big pool full of water beads.  $2 times….1000?  Okay, not feasible.

Although I returned to some cooking and chores while the kids played, there was a connection I made with my kids in that brief time I played alongside them.  I understood.  I understood their desire to scoop and squish, touch and feel.  I understood their urge to explore, experiment, and discover.

For just a moment, I joined them in their joy and it was contagious.  Simple joy is the most contagious kind.



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