Watch that Step: Stair-related injuries still common

Well Child Chats

Do you have stairs in your home?

I recently saw a toddler for an accidental fall down stairs.  It reminded me of a recent study published in Pediatrics showing that, although stair-related injuries aren’t happening as much as they did in the past, they are still more common than they should be.  Statistics show that a child is brought to the ER for a fall on the stairs about every 6 minutes on average.

A third of the injuries involved infants 12 months or younger.  Not surprising since this is the stage of newfound mobility.  Crawling and pulling up.  Walking and climbing.  Curiosity and a motivation to explore also sky-rocket at this age.

However, in 25% of falls involving infants 12 months old or younger, the child was actually being held by an adult.  This points to the reality of what often takes place at home.  In the process of multi-tasking and getting things done, we hold a…

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