Video Games: A New Addiction

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When you think about the word “addiction”, people often associate it with the likes of drugs, alcohol, or gambling.

However, in this growing culture of television, computers, and media, we as parents also need to look out for more insidious habits.

Internet and video game addiction is becoming a reality amongst pre-teens and adolescents.  A survey done in 2009 of 1000 children ranging from 8 to 18 years old suggested that 8.6% of video gamers should be considered “pathological players” based on criteria used to determine pathological gambling.

Addiction seems like a strong term to apply to video games, but take a moment to consider what defines addiction:

  • excessive use that gets in the way of daily life function
  • increasing tolerance to what is needed for a “high”
  • withdrawal symptoms
  • willingness to face negative consequences for the sake of the habit

I have seen a good number of pre-teens and adolescents who just may fit…

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