Save a Life: CPR for Parents, Free Training in San Diego

Well Child Chats

I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating and meeting many newborn babies this year.  Some are my patients.  Some are babies of dear friends.

Baby showers.  Baby registries.  Birth plans and Lamaze classes.  Questions about what to buy, which diapers to use, what books to read… you name it.  Then the hormones.  And the fatigue.  Nesting takes over.

The weeks preceding the due date can often feel frenzied and overwhelming.

In the midst of all the anticipation and excitement, rarely do we as parents think about brushing up on our CPR skills.

It’s just not something that’s brought up with soon-to-be parents.  We don’t talk about it at baby showers.  Even veteran parents may not know how to administer proper CPR or understand what to do in the case of choking.

Although nobody likes to imagine a loved one in a life-threatening situation, knowing CPR can save a life.  Especially a child’s.  It…

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