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We’ve been sick.  First, it was TL, then MM, then me.  Both kids had croup.  MM threw in some conjunctivitis to the mix, and TL brought it up a notch with some sinusitis.  I’m not sure what I have, but it has rendered me useless (other than holding my kids and letting them rub their … Continue reading

Looking Back

I stayed up late over this past week working on a photo slideshow for my aunt’s funeral service. Everyone was fast asleep. It was just me and these photos of times and places I did not know or could not remember anymore. And there was my aunt’s face in these photos, vibrant and smiling. So … Continue reading

A Simple Song of Love

Not too long ago, I had a lengthy discussion with a teenage girl and her father about healthy eating and making exercise a priority.  They were silent for a moment after I pointed out her weight and BMI on the growth curve.  She wasn’t even on the curve anymore. As I watched them, I felt a disconnect.  … Continue reading