The Family Bucket List

I collect ideas for our family bucket list on a Pinterest board for future reference as the kids grow older.

Rule #1:  We do it together.  It’s family time.

Rule #2:  It’s realistic and feasible.

In no particular order….

Grand Canyon trip: rim-to-rim hike

Birthday party with a “Let’s Get Messy!” theme

Build a huge enormous monstrous elaborate blanket fort   √  (will continue to do this one frequently though!)

Family marshmallow fight with DIY mini marshmallow guns

Road trip to Malibu with a stop at the Getty Villa for a picnic

Make a “kid wash” in the backyard… a fun and imaginative take on running through sprinklers!

Trip to Yosemite and hike Half Dome

Participate in the Ride Across California bike ride together

Hike Grouse Grind in Vancouver and revisit where we almost got engaged

Visit one of the more remote sections of the Great Wall of China

Go on a “digging expedition” for a family trip (Wyoming or South Dakota)

Pool noodle balloon fight in the backyard

Make family fingerprint ornaments

Bat flight at Carlsbad Caverns

Arches National Park (Fiery Furnace guided hike)

Space Camp

Make time capsules at specific milestones

Northern California coastal drive

to be continued….


2 thoughts on “The Family Bucket List

    • YES! There’s a family camp option! I am secretly really really hoping my kids might be into this. It’s expensive, but then again so are hotels and vacation in general. At least this would definitely be a memorable one. Thanks Craig for stopping by!

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